Packing Services

We know moving is stressful — but did you know there’s something even more stressful than moving? Packing and unpacking! It’s time consuming, tedious and a lot of work.

At Putra Movers, we’re experienced packers and movers who can handle just about every aspect of your move. Our home packing services in Klang Valley can include packing up all of your possessions, providing you with the materials you need to pack your possessions, safely and efficiently transporting all of your items to the new location and unpacking in the new location.

Save yourself the stress and let our professional packers and movers lend you a hand for all of your moving needs!

Packing Options

As one of the most customer-friendly full-service packing and moving companies in Klang Valley, we offer a variety of moving and packing services to suit your needs and your budget, including:

Full-Service Packing

  • Putra Movers will manage everything with our full-service packing option.
  • Our movers will provide all packing supplies including packing blankets, moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.
  • All of your furniture items will be blanket wrapped ensuring they arrive safely.

Partial Packing Service

  • Every move is different, which is why Putra Movers offers customized packing services in Klang Valley
  • You will work one-on-one with your assigned move agent to create a custom plan for your individual move.
  • Our pack and unpack movers will blanket-wrap all of your furniture pieces and will only pack the additional items you have requested, the rest is up to you!


  • If you would rather pack everything on your own, we offer self-packing services.
  • You pack the contents of your home and our movers will blanket wrap your furniture for transit.
  • Don’t worry if you run out of bubble wrap or packing tape, our movers will have additional packing supplies on hand if you need to use them.


Unpacking Options

Our packing and moving services in Klang Valley don’t end when we arrive at your new location. We know there’s also unpacking to be done, and we can help you with that too. Other professional packers and movers in Klang Valley might leave you with a bunch of boxes that will sit around for three months before you get around to opening them. With Putra Movers, we can get you going in your new location right away. Our unpacking options include:

Complete Unpacking

  • If you dread unpacking just as much as packing, then our team at Putra Movers can help with that too!
  • All of your furniture is positioned exactly where you want it and all of your items are unpacked and placed in their proper rooms.
  • Do not bother breaking down boxes for recycling — our movers will haul away any used moving boxes and packing material.

Partial Unpacking

  • If you prefer to do most of the unpacking yourself but still need a little help, we can give you a hand with customized unpacking services.
  • Our professional movers will position your furniture exactly where you want it and place each box in its correct room.
  • Our moving team will also haul away any used boxes or packing materials at your discretion.

Unpack Yourself

  • Prefer to unpack yourself? Our professional movers will place every box in the right room and leave you to it.
  • Take your time, settle in and unpack your items at your own pace.
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